you are simply magnificent is a stunning exploration of the band’s more vulnerable side while showcasing their wide range of influences and musical abilities.“ - Shannon Shumaker, The Prelude Press (Aug 28, 2019)

“The new single gifts us the silky smooth flow and a rocking chorus with heavy chords that perfectly encompass the kind of thing that would make older people mad.” - Collin Goeman, Alternative Press (Jan 12, 2019)

“2019 has arrived and many new acts are beginning they’re campaigns for Best New Artist/Group. Off to an early start is fast-rising rock band known as Juice. The multi-genre influenced newcomers are catching a lot of attention with their hot new single, simply-titled, ‘DAVE’.” - Bryson Paul, GoodMusicAllDay (Jan 10, 2019)

“Juice — quite admirably — know exactly how to curate a sonic enterprise seldom found anywhere else in music, and “Audrey Tell Me” only further proves their unmatched caliber.” - Maggie McHale, Atwood Magazine (Dec 7, 2018)

“Juice have struck together flint and caused a spark yet again on “Audrey Tell Me,” and only time will tell what they'll be able to accomplish next.” - Lilly Milman, Earmilk (Nov 29, 2018)

“Juice is the epitome of a melting pot of sounds. [...] The group [blends] elements of rock, hip-hop and R&B (and many more) to create their one of a kind sound - one that is fully realized on their recently released EP, Workin' on Lovin'. The band's newest release finds them at their best, both sonically and emotionally.”  - Dom Vigil, The Prelude Press (Jun 21, 2018)

“Don’t blame us if you get the new single “Sugar” stuck in your head for days to come.”  - Kristine Hope Kowalski, Celeb Secrets (Jun 15, 2018)

“Juice clearly has the ability to write a catchy hook in whatever genre they choose to work with. [...] This group of guys clearly loves playing together, and that love is evident in videos and on the stage, making the experience even more enjoyable for the viewer. When Juice has fun, we do too."  - Emma Garton, Cliché Magazine (Jun 08, 2018)

“We're lovin' Juice. If you’re a lover of all genres Juice may be the perfect band for you! This seven-piece ensemble takes a little bit of everything–pop, rock, and even a little hip-hop–and transforms it into their own signature sound.” - Ina Joseph, GoodMusicAllDay (Jun 01, 2018)

“This Boston band has got a super sweet treat for everyone this week with the release of their video for the single "Sugar," featuring the guys acting pretty casual around the studio [...] This will certainly pump us up to keep the rock 'n rollers on our radar.”  - Rachel A.G. Gilman, PopDust (Apr 20, 2018)

“The band continues to prove that they are matchless to any artist in their craft. Juice remains deservedly genre-less, instead opting to bend and transcend musical norms to curate something that is wholly and singularly their own.”  - Maggie McHale, Atwood Magazine (Feb 16, 2018)

“Sugar” [is] an “in the pocket/made for radio single,” bolstered by rhythmic precision and colorful rhythmic grooves.”  - Glide, Glide (Feb 15, 2018)

“Juice channeled the finessed pizazz of a Broadway production. But their material was a mix of R&B and pop rock, that also radiated an extremely positive mood from the start.”  - Steve Malinski, NYS Music (Dec 22, 2017)

“With certain acts, it’s obvious they’re destined for higher status. The fanaticism displayed by Juice’s fans proves their trajectory will ultimately place them on far larger stages.”  - Andy Kaufmann, Music Connection (Nov 16, 2017)

“Juice filled up the stage with 8 strong. I do believe much of the draw was for these guys and they grooved hard throughout their set, kicking off everyone’s week in a most rambunctious fashion.” - Phil Shepherd, Speak Into My Good Eye (Aug 16, 2017)

“[Juice] stirs together a heady pineapple-flavored concoction of soulful vocals and harmonies, flowing rap verses, funky grooves and remarkable electric violin parts.”  - Laura Curry, The Pop Break (Aug 14, 2017)

“Juice the eight-member band with Boston College origins, that is. The octet, which has a funky jam band vibe, played their very first festival gig last Thursday and walked away $20,000 richer after winning the Land the Big Gig music competition, a part of Milwaukee’s 11-day Summerfest music festival (which claims to be the world’s largest).”  - Eryn Carlson, The Boston Globe (Jul 04, 2016)

“Juice has sufficiently succeeded in crafting a sound that is both addictive and matchless”  - Maggie McHale, Atwood Magazine (Jun 27, 2016)

“What had amazed me were the band’s intangible energy, charm and warmth. They’ve got the je ne sais quoi that makes a good band great – or better yet, phenomenal.”  - Ella Jenak, The Gavel (Feb 02, 2015)

“If the guys in Juice haven’t reached the place they want to be yet, they are certainly on their way. Winning the Arts Fest Battle of the Bands on that April night under that white tent—and consequently opening for Hoodie Allen at last year’s Modstock—was, in part, the impetus for the band’s incredible rise over the last semester.”  - James Farrell, The Heights - Independent Student Newspaper of Boston College (Nov 20, 2014)